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Action for the Dissemination and Adoption of the MARTE and related Standards for component based middleware

ADAMS is a support action project funded in part by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007/IST/224330 ).

The main objective of the ADAMS project is to promote the industrial exploitation and enhancement of the MARTE and other relevant standards for the development of real-time and embedded systems using both, model and component design paradigms.

The approach to achieve this objective is basically to promote and create a comunity around the technical solutions provided by these standards and feed-back their concerns into the standardization efforts. The project addresses in first person two very active industrial communities: the automotive and the avionics embedded systems development, and integration. This will be achieved by creating two corresponding groups of experts in the field, one for automotive and other for avionis, which despite their different bussines models, share the necessity of basic technologies for the validation and verification of the non-functional properties involved in the embedded systems life cycle.

Then, ADAMS will focus on promoting the usage of the OMG’s MARTE standard for MDD in both avionics and automotive domains. But at the same time capturing the concourse of the research comunity at large by promoting the visibility of MARTE in the various basic research forums that deal with the different aspects of the embedded distributed systems development.

This project is part of the portfolio of the Embedded Systems Unit – G3 Directorate General Information Society.
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